Milk Filling Machine

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Milk Bottling Equipment and Capping Machine

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Milk Bottling Machine

  • Bottle washing, filling and capping are integrated in one machine
  • Precise filling
  • Auto cap delivering, sorting and capping
  • PLC control, user-friendly screen for easy operation
  • Stable, efficient,
  • Ideal for milk filling
  • Fill and cap different size and different types of bottles.
  • Fully automatic machine for glass and plastic bottle fillings. 
  • Stainless Steel Cover and Water Gauge


Water Filling Machine and Bottling Plant - Customized System

  • Bottle Blowing
  • Bottle Rinsing
  • Bottle Filling
  • Bottle Capping

Technical Features

Cup Type

Glass Bottle


Milk Bottling Equipment

Product Tank

Stainless steel, Electro pneumatic float

Bottle Placement System


Cleaining System

The bottles fed by the operator  are turn down and cleaned by spraying the water  then put on conveyor after turning up

Filling Weight

500-1000 gr


Bottles comming from shaking, stop automatically. The filling head goes down to the bottom of the bottle, fills by coming upward. Volumetric filling.

Lid Placing System

The bottles that have filled up go through the conveyor for lid feeding process. The bottles are automatically taken one by one and the lids are fed with the help of the elevator

Lid Capping System

Automatic fed lids are capped automatically and pass through labeling process.

Conveyor System

Asynchronous motorized drive system, adjustable bandwidth


1800-2000 Unit/Hr (Appr for 1000gr)

Moving System  

Rotary tray movement is a linear stop-start system

Protection Case

Stainless steel / Plexiglass - The machine stops when one of the safety switch covers is opened.

Electric Panel

380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

Compressed Air Requirement

6 Bar – Max 800 L/min

Power Consumption

Max 3 Kw Hr (Appr) – 380 V

Machine Body

AISI 304 quality stainless steel



PLC Screen


Electrick Material

Siemens – Sick – Telemekanik – Omron